Rolling out with a Moto centric aim…

After years of telling myself to get my crap together and do this. Well, here we go…

My plan is to get back to working with the one love I can’t seem to shake, Motorcycles.

It’s the usual story; boy grows up with a father who races bikes (of course there is a Honda 50 involved at some point). Motorcycles are the booster shot of independence and freedom he didn’t know he was craving. Years later, I’m a metal fabricator that has built award winning bikes starting with only a motor. Only to have stepped away for a few years to redirect, after some poor judgment in his personal life. Yeah, it happens.

The one constant that’s undeniable since the Honda 50’s involvement: I am a Moto Junkie!

No matter the form of delivery; Riding, Wrenching, Building, or just viewing the porn on Bikeexif or Pipeburn. The endorphins are there and willingly accepted.

So, here we go! This will be my sounding board for what I’m up to, new builds, and Moto news that feeds the jones.


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